Corporate advisors, Asia and Australia.

Our Focus

AFG Venture Group provides advice and assistance to businesses in a number of areas, from strategic planning to investment ready review; from successful licensing and distribution strategies to understanding how to run a company in an environment of constant change. We can help you connect with markets, set your strategy, scale your product, partner with the industry, integrate new businesses and locate appropriate investors. We actively work with companies to define and refine their strategies, focus or refocus business models, determine and implement strategic alliances and assist the mapping and planning of the way ahead.

Business Planning/Road Map

A key factor for a company moving forward is the ability for the company to articulate a vision that can be implemented, understood and is achievable.  This is where our business planning consulting is pitched. We have devised a business planning methodology assisting our clients to document their five year overview strategic direction with a plan that they can implement against milestones for the next twelve months.

Strategic Financial Services/Outsourced CFO Reviews

Providing companies with support and assistance in a number of areas, from reorganising cashflow, improving business efficiency and general reviews to restructuring businesses and capital raising.

Business Health Checks

This is an exercise that looks at a key checklist and makes recommendations for improvement.  It is designed to be a diagnostic service to make recommendations that will improve operating efficiency of any business.

Sales, Alliance and Channel Assistance

We have distribution and channel experience and contacts, which assists our clients to build strategic alliances with large Corporates and get products and services to market.

Growth Business Consulting

Most companies reach a critical point whereby fundamental changes are required in order to move forward successfully. Our work involves identifying the issues with management and implementing a forward strategy to overcome the issues and problems identified.

Commercial Due Diligence

  • ∙ Integrated 360 degree review of the target including discussions with target’s customers to provide a common view of the strategic intent of the business, independent validation of the assumptions and  identification of risks and opportunities
  • ∙ Identification of and recommendations on deal synergies and post deal priorities
  • ∙ Links market assumptions to financial assumptions
  • ∙ Evaluate M&A targets using market, customer, competitor and financial analysis.

Investment Ready

  • ∙ Review performance (results, forecasts and resources)
  • ∙ Identify operational inefficiencies and root causes
  • ∙ Implement strategies to improve performance and align the vendors' people, processes and systems with investor needs and management approaches

Post Deal Integration Services

Many a transaction has failed because the post-transaction integration is handled inappropriately or unforeseen issues arise which need to be dealt with. Our consultants have the experience to ensure a successful, profitable and risk-averse integration.