Corporate advisors, Asia and Australia.

AFG Venture Group Finance provides debt advisory services for Small to Medium enterprises (SME’s) in Australia.
Our service is focused on:

  • reducing overall debt costs
  • ensuring that the transaction is effectively structured
  • ensuring that the terms and conditions are equitable
  • ensuring that the relationship aspects of the banking interaction are addressed

Common issues SME’s experience when dealing directly with the Big Four

High turnover of Bankers

High Turnover of banking staff is a disruptive and non-productive experience which leads to frustration, loss of relationships, momentum and lack of long term business planning and strategy.

This in turn leads to a lack of the incoming Banker understanding your business, and eventually additional hurdles when seeking continued support during periods of growth, as well as assistance during periods of difficulties and downturn.

Sector/Industry specific expertise

AFG Venture Group’s advisory team is made up of experienced ex-Bankers and business owners across a range of sectors with the in-house capabilities and expertise to provide detailed sector specific industry and financial analysis; which we use to formulate our recommendations to you and any prospective financier(s).

Lack of Independent/unbiased advice

When dealing directly with the banks, our clients have expressed a great lack of confidence that they were attaining the most competitive terms, conditions, covenants and reporting requirements from their banker.

Lack of confidence that your bank will support your business in times of growth and more importantly, in times of downturn

One of the greatest threats to and concerns of SME’s is the ability to secure finance in a volatile environment; whether it is securing new capital or refinancing/restructuring existing facilities, businesses need to feel supported by their financier in times of growth, as well as times of downturn.

Why AFG Venture Group?


Our team has extensive experience in debt capital markets. Our team has worked with the big four local banks as well as large international banks in various key positions such as head of corporate finance & banking, head of credit/risk management as well as frontline senior sales roles.

AFG Venture Group's "Partnership Approach to doing Business"

Our primary focus is to partner with our clients in the multiple facets of their business, including but not restricted to finance. AFG Venture Group’s ongoing corporate and debt advisory solutions are based around our long-term “Partnership Approach to doing Business” model.

Access to Funds

AFG not only has close working relationships with the major Australian banks, but also has access to private financiers, offshore funds and high net with individuals seeking alternative investment opportunities.

It is for this reason that we are able to design and structure effective, commercial and viable funding solutions that meet our clients’ requirements based on what they are trying to achieve.

What does this mean for you?

AFG will manage the banking relationship on your behalf, which will allow you to focus on what you do well – which is running your business.

Assurance that you have a continuous banking relationship with a trusted adviser who understands your business and industry, and is in it for the long haul, as your primary banking relationship is ultimately with AFG.

Access to advice and experience spanning 25 years in the region through our Asia Advisory Board should you decide to take that leap or continue to grow your business in Asia.

AFG Venture Group Finance advisory capabilities

  • Commercial and Structured Finance
  • Working Capital Solutions (Supply Chain Finance, International Trade Finance)
  • FX Hedging and Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Asset Finance
  • Business Consulting and Asian Expansion Strategy
  • Workout/Turnaround Solutions

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Key Specialists

Lindley Edwards - Group Chief Executive Officer

Lindley Edwards is the Group Managing Director of AFG Venture Group ( and its various subsidiaries. Lindley is an experienced corporate advisor and has worked on numerous private and public M&A and corporate transactions in the food/agri, services, retail, education, technology and resources sectors. Her work involves merger, acquisition, divestment, fund raising, licensing, strategic consulting, distribution and joint ventures. Since the mid 90's Lindley has been very active in Asia, which includes Asean and North Asia undertaking corporate transactions as well as micro credit and social impact work.