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Corporate advisors, Asia and Australia.

AFG Venture Group provides corporate advisory and consultancy services through its offices in Australia, South East Asia and India and its networks around the world.

We work with Boards and Chief Executives to determine the optimal business model for commercialising a new technology including market entry, funding, licensing and partnering strategies, identifying counterparties for both local businesses expanding on or off-shore and multinationals seeking acquisition targets by way of entry to the Asia-Pac region. This requires a good understanding of the technology, the market, the people and the intellectual property (considerations which are used to determine the size of the market opportunity, the risks and how best to mitigate them); and an informed and dispassionate view of the likely structure and size of a deal based on comparables, cashflows (historical and forecast) and market intelligence.

We understand the needs of emerging technology companies in regards to appropriate governance, project and performance management to optimise research dollars and allocate resources efficiently and effectively, and work with the t team to understand goals and issues and agree opportunities, priorities, actions and performance targets. Our advice is built on over twenty years consulting to public and private organizations ,universities, research institutes and R&D businesses in Australia and overseas and can be summarised under four main areas:

1. Mergers & Acquisitions , Capital Raising & Technology Commercialisation

Life Sciences and technology businesses face challenges associated with determining the optimal commercialisation strategy, accessing the resources needed to execute the strategy and implementing disciplines to deliver to agreed milestones. We can meet these challenges in a number of ways:

  • Assist with capital raising, M&A and strategic partnering
  • Indicative technology valuations
  • Independent market assessments on new biopharmaceutical / medical device technologies
  • Preparation of business plans, commercialisation plans and information memoranda to support capital raising
  • Assisting companies to become investor ready, prioritise opportunities and allocate resources effectively
  • Commercial feasibility and cost benefit studies to evaluate new technology and/or service delivery models

2. Strategic Planning, Business Transformation and Growth

  • We work with Boards and Management in the development, implementation and review of strategic plans in the life sciences, digital health, pharmaceutical, medical technology & device companies;
  • Independent expert reports and commercial due diligence for capital raising ,mergers and acquisitions and associated transactions;
  • Business cases and cost benefit analyses to support investment decisions in new services and supporting infrastructure; for healthcare, life sciences and medical device companies.

3. Medical Research Reviews

Undertaking scientific and medical research either as a primary or secondary activity face challenges around:

  • Agreeing management and reporting arrangements often with multiple stakeholders involved
  • Establishing intellectual property (IP) ownership and revenue sharing arrangements.

We have extensive experience in optimizing medical research portfolio management and effectiveness in organisations undertaking both applied and medical research..


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Key Specialists

Elizabeth Bergin - Associate Director

Elizabeth Bergin is a former lawyer in the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department and has worked for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and Australia's Foreign Affairs Department on its aid program with Indonesia. Mrs Sinodinos has helped a number of Australian businesses to develop their market share, and to navigate export markets, in particular into the Asian region.