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Our executives have spent most of their professional careers involved with the region, recognising many years ago the importance and potential of this area of the world. We believe that no other company brings together the same depth of multi-disciplinary expertise and practical business experience.

Our Directors, Advisors, Associates and Staff have varied commercial, technical, business, educational and real life experiences.  All have worked in both large and small corporates and are committed to make a difference allowing our clients to change, expand and grow.  The academic, business and financial backgrounds of the people assisting you, as well as their life and work experiences are provided as part of our services.

We have an independent 'Talent Pool' of additional recognised business people who add value to our organisation and who contribute further business accumen, contacts and skill sets to our clients.

Faisal Badroen - International Specialist Advisor

Faisal Badroen has over 20 years experience in senior leadership positions at a number of Indonesia's most prestigious financial institutions and education facilities, including the role of Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the State Islamic University. More recently Faisal has focused on corporate advisory activities relating to financial and corporate restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions. These activities have allowed Faisal to utilise his extensive network of contacts throughout the government, financial services and education sectors. [more...]

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Erwin Budiharto - International Specialist Advisor

Erwin Budiharto has extensive investment banking experience in a wide range of industries including time with Merril Lynch in the US but his principal area of expertise and interest for a number of years has been the Indonesian mining and resources sector (with a recent focus on iron ore, coal and manganese). Presently he is the Founder and Ceo of PT Windu Bentalanusa - an Iron Ore mining in Flores NTB,Indonesia as well as Coal mining/export from Kalimantan, Indonesia. In the past he has been the CFO of Setdco Oil and Gas Company, Financial Controller for P.T. Swakarya Sinarjaya and Business Development Director for PT. Surya Semesta Internusa and the export Director of a publicly listed company PT Ades Mineral Water Tbk. [more...]

Ian Bishop - International Specialist Advisor

Ian Bishop is a graduate of Manchester University, a CELTA-qualified teacher and a founding partner and Managing Director of Aim for English, an English language training centre in Jakarta. He has lived and worked in Indonesia for 10 years. He is a senior education consultant with AFG Venture Group. Ian started his own school (AIM) in Jakarta in late 2006. Over the past 5 years AIM has grown rapidly. It is recognised in Jakarta as being quality focused and highly innovative. It has developed a thriving business in "corporate" English training, in addition to its core area of individual teaching, and overseas study pre-departure preparation. [more...]

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