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Our executives have spent most of their professional careers involved with the region, recognising many years ago the importance and potential of this area of the world. We believe that no other company brings together the same depth of multi-disciplinary expertise and practical business experience.

Our Directors, Advisors, Associates and Staff have varied commercial, technical, business, educational and real life experiences.  All have worked in both large and small corporates and are committed to make a difference allowing our clients to change, expand and grow.  The academic, business and financial backgrounds of the people assisting you, as well as their life and work experiences are provided as part of our services.

We have an independent 'Talent Pool' of additional recognised business people who add value to our organisation and who contribute further business accumen, contacts and skill sets to our clients.

Val del Rosario - International Specialist Advisor

Valeriano del Rosario is a partner in the law firm of VERALAW (Del Rosario Bagamasbad & Raboca). He is a Philippine national, but he also has extensive education and business experience in the U.S. and Europe. He was educated at Georgetown Preparatory School and New York University. He returned to the Philippines and obtained his law degree at the Ateneo College of Law with honors. He was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1982. He obtained a masters degree in maritime law from the University of Wales, Institute of Science & Technology, United Kingdom, followed by three years work experience at a prestigious commercial law firm in the city of London. [more...]

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