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Elizabeth Bergin

Elizabeth Bergin

Principal North America

Elizabeth Bergin is based in Washington DC, and is responsible for the USA operations of AFG Venture Group, specialising in mid-size cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the clean energy, agriculture, technology, financial services and medical sectors.

Ms. Bergin’s recent transactions include the acquisition of an Australian machine-to-machine telecommunication company by a Canadian publicly-listed entity.

Positive relationships with both clients and counter-parties are a priority to Elizabeth, who also has relationships with several high net worth family offices around the world. Technology- based businesses that possess unique intellectual property and emerging technologies – including in Australia’s emerging space sector, are particular areas of interest.

Prior to joining AFG Venture Group, Elizabeth was a lawyer in the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department and has worked for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, as well as Australia’s Foreign Affairs Department. As an officer working on Australia’s aid program for Indonesia, Elizabeth had responsibility for government-to-government co-operation on human rights and education projects, involving both international legal and political advice and budget responsibility for multi-million dollar expenditures.

In the private sector, Elizabeth has helped a number of Australian businesses to develop their market share, and to navigate export markets, in particular into the Asian region.

Elizabeth has degrees in Law and Arts from the University of New South Wales.