Sudhakar Jayaram

International Specialist Advisor

Corporate advisors, Asia and Australia.

Sudhakar Jayaram's key areas of expertise and experience are in strategy, marketing and brand development and he has worked in and currently provides advice across a range of sectors including education, hospitality, healthcare, media and IT. Prior to his current position with AFG VG India he was CEO of a popular regional satellite TV station in India. There he built a strong media brand which has been recognized as one of the finest in India and reflected in the more than 40 State awards for excellence in programming, innovation and path-breaking experimentation. He was also at that time concurrently leading the administration and outreach efforts of a 1300 bed tertiary healthcare facility. Sudhakar is passionate about education and is currently providing strategic advice and support for The Samhita Academy ( in Bangalore, a unique community school implementing an inclusive education model. Sudhakar has a B.E (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from NIT, Jaipur, an M.B.A from F.M.S, Delhi and continues to be a student of "behavioral economics." Sudhakar is based in Mumbai.

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