Thurane Win Kyaw

International Specialist Advisor

Corporate advisors, Asia and Australia.

Thurane Win Kyaw (Thurane) is a Burmese national who attended Assumption University in Thailand graduating with a Engineering degree majoring in computers. He spent several years working in the financial serviced industry in Thailand which was at the time that the major banks were reviewing and revising their systems in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis. On his return to Myanmar, he established his own consulting company specialising in the IT area and developed systems for the retail industry, for several of the government departments, and developed the registration and control system for the 2004 SEAMEO-UNESCO Education Congress and Expo for which there were over 1000 participants from over 40 countries.

Thurane has focussed his abilities into the banking and financial services industry in both Thailand and Myanmar, and has ongoing advisory relationships with several of the significant banks in Myanmar, as well as the Central Bank. His activities have included all aspects of the banking system. He has lectured on the subject of the banking systems at several of the Institutes in Myanmar, and has an impressive array of published articles.

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