Elizabeth Bergin

Principal - North America

Corporate advisors, Asia and Australia.

Elizabeth Bergin is based in Washington DC, and is responsible for the Americas operations of AFG Venture Group, with a track record in cross-border transactions in a number of sectors.

Prior to joining AFG Venture Group, Ms Bergin was a lawyer in the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department and has worked for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, as well as Australia's Foreign Affairs Department.

As an officer working on Australia's aid program for Indonesia, Ms Bergin had responsibility for government-to-government co-operation on human rights and education projects, involving both international legal and political advice and budget responsibility for multi-million dollar expenditures.

As a Legal Officer in the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department, Ms Bergin consulted widely with Australia's legal community to advise the Federal Government how to legislate for and implement alternative dispute resolution systems, including for mediation. In the private sector, Ms Bergin has helped a number of Australian businesses to develop their market share, and to navigate export markets, in particular into the Asian region.

Elizabeth Bergin has degrees in Law and Arts (majoring in Political Science) from the University of New South Wales, and an extensive Interest in mediation, negotiation, international law and successful cross-border business transactions. In terms of philanthropic work, Ms Bergin has been an active committee member of the Children's Cancer Institute, Opera Australia, Outcomes Australia (Better Off) and the Greek Young Matrons' Association.

Ms Bergin maintains an interest in helping young people further develop their public speaking and debating skills, having represented Australia at the World Championships Intervarsity Debating Tournament at Oxford University when she was a student.

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