Myanmar Oral History Project

From Peter Church’s years of involvement in Myanmar he has become aware of the increasing scarcity of the generation of Myanma citizens who were born before WW2 and have lived through the tumultuous years since that time. These men and women have experienced significant events in the modern history of the country including the colonial period, independence and military juntas all the way through to quasi democracy. For him, these men and women are “national treasures” whose experience, perseverance and wisdom gained during their long lives will be lost unless their stories are captured in some way. To this end Peter has decided to interview a number of these elderly citizens. His objective is to make these interviews available free of charge as podcasts to historians, sociologists and others who might be interested. Peter would like to encourage Myanmar citizens to join him in this exercise as clearly there are limits to how many people one person can interview and, in his case, he is only able to interview those who can speak English. If you would like to participate, please contact us.